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Trying to make the world a better place.


Checked into Salt Lake City International Airport

Heading to Portland to speak at tomorrow's Open Oregon conference. 


Putting the ‘Person’ Back in Personalized Learning

EdSurge picked up an article I wrote about the importance of learner agency in personalized learning systems.


Check out my 9.4 mi Run on Strava:


Checked into Salt Lake City International Airport

Heading to Lumen HQ in Portland...


Community College Online: The promise of zero-textbook-cost degrees.

There's a nice article in Slate about Lumen Learning's work with Tidewater Community College on zero textbook cost degree programs. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be paying for textbooks during (at least) their first two years of college.


Sara Gazarek: The Next Important Jazz Singer — Medium

Great story about Sara Gazarek, one of my very favorite singers. It's always great to learn who the artists are that inspire your favorite artists, and I'm really enjoying listening to the folks she names in this interview. It was also fun to learn that she got hooked on jazz by Basie and Ella as a sophomore in high school - my path in was through Basie and the Manhattan Transfer during my sophomore year, too.


There May Still Hope for Me

1 min read

There is a long-held belief among academics that truly creative intellectual work can only be performed by the young. (For example, Hardy wrote, “I do not know of an instance of a major mathematical advance initiated by a man past fifty.”) I'll be honest - as I get older it's pretty depressing to ponder the possibility that my best, most innovative and productive years (intellectually speaking) may be behind me. But this terrific article in the New Yorker gives me hope - it's the story of Yitang Zhang, a mathematician who solved a 150 year old problem at the age of 51.

There may still be hope for me yet! :)